Your Licensed Tree Physicians

A licensed arborist is more than a tree technician. At CareScape, we think of them as our staff physicians who guide the proper care of every tree on your property.

Trees are complex living organisms and valuable assets. Proper care takes the specialty knowledge of our licensed arborists. These experienced professionals have extensive training in tree-based biomechanics, growth cultivation, pruning, diseases, decay, and surgery.

CareScape arborists supervise all of our tree-related activities, including:

  • Tree inventory and valuations
  • GPS tree inventory database management
  • Disease prevention and diagnosis
  • Risk assessment and liability control
  • Proper planting, pruning, and removal

Thanks to the efforts of our licensed arborists, CareScape customers enjoy healthy trees over longer lifespans. That’s something your property values will definitely appreciate.

We care. It’s our nature.®

Arbor Care
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Tree Trimming
Tree Removal
Tree Inventory
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