Weed Control: Protect Your Landscape From Going To Seed

CareScape targets unsightly and invasive weeds, while protecting your people and property in the process. Our weed control specialists are trained and certified by the Arizona State Department of Agriculture to administer a variety of weed control treatments. These applicators only spray weed control treatments using proper techniques, in the correct amounts, and under safe conditions.

Weeds are a natural invasion of your property by plants that know no boundaries. Your custom landscape management plan includes scheduled monitoring and maintenance that addresses weeds before they take root and have a chance to spread. Controlling weeds protects your property from blight, damage, and wasted water resources. For your landscape, that’s addition by subtraction.

Our credentials in this field include:

  • Licensed Applicators on Staff
  • Qualifying Party Applicator License
  • License B-3 Right of Way/Weeds
  • License B-5 Ornamental Pest Management
  • License 83398

We care. It’s our nature.®

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