Your Trees Have It Made In The Shade

CareScape certified arborists nurture your trees for strong and healthy growth. From proper pruning to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, we manage the needs of every tree on your property for the best results.

Trees take years of watering, feeding, and pruning to mature. Once established, they are focal points for your property that provide welcome shade. Our arbor teams will ensure your trees get the best fertilizers, in the proper amounts, and on the right schedules to promote healthy growth.

Tree feedings are especially important for species not native to our desert soil and climate. Some may have different nutritional needs. For example, citrus, and palm trees will flourish with scheduled feedings of specialty fertilizers, while native trees tend to do better with less water.

Arborists Certified In Tree Risk Assessment

CareScape arborists also maintain a rare certification in tree risk assessment. When a tree becomes diseased, damaged, or invasive, they can determine its probable future. If it can’t be saved or becomes a potential liability, we can remove and replace it as quickly as possible.

As your most valuable landscape assets, your trees are worthy of special attention. At CareScape, we make sure each tree is protected and nurtured to reach its true potential.

We care. It’s our nature.®

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