Getting Your Water Use Under Control

CareScape has hundreds of millions of gallons of water under our management. As a landscape management company, we know every way irrigation plays a critical role in delivering water to your turf, plants, and trees. But we also understand how the cost of water is a growing part of your financial operating budget. As water management experts, we can help you bring new levels of control to both.

As part of your custom landscape management plan, we’ll monitor, analyze and document your water use. Using actionable water data from audits, usage analysis, budgeting, and backflow testing, we will identify watering adjustments to maintain landscape health at optimized and predictable cost.

Our water management services include (but are not limited to):

  • Irrigation Mapping
  • Meters, Controllers, Backflows, Valves, Stations, etc.
  • Water Audits
  • Water Usage Analysis
  • Water Budgeting
  • Backflow Testing and Replacement
  • Fully Stocked Irrigation Service Vehicles

For Even Lower Water Bills, Let’s Talk Turf

Our landscape design department can also recommend converting your natural grass to lifelike artificial turf, natural ground covers, xeriscape plants and drought-tolerant trees to significantly reduce your water use. In the Desert Southwest, your landscape and budget means water is always on your mind. CareScape can help minimize this impact on your organization.

We care. It’s our nature.®

Irrigation Maintenance
Irrigation System Renovation/Replacement
Irrigation Installation
Water Conservation
Turf Conversion
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