We Help Grow Your Community

For more than 25 years, CareScape has earned the reputation as a proven landscape management company that understands your municipality and constituents. When you’re managing a village, town, or city, residents and visitors often see the care of your common areas as points of community pride. But it’s even more than that.

Landscape management is also a significant budget item. At CareScape, we use our experience to help you make the most of every taxpayer dollar.

After all, municipal properties set the community standard. When maintained properly, they increase property values for nearby homes. In turn, that promotes a stronger tax base to fund critical community services. In other words, proper landscape management can literally help to grow your community!

Here are some of the reasons municipalities choose CareScape:

We’re Communicators And Educators

  • Single contact community account management
  • Available for public meeting attendance
  • Community property resource mapping with a color-coded service schedule
  • Scheduled community walk-throughs with officials and interested residents

We’re Responsive And Accountable

  • Valley-wide offices promote quick response to landscape-related emergencies
  • Exclusive CareTrack™ software monitors and reports landscape projects through completion
  • GPS on all vehicles documents working location and service activity
  • Phone app with photo GPS provides precise location for priority response issues

We’re Specialized And Certified

  • Certified staff specialists in everything from arbor care to water management
  • Specially trained teams are experts in their fields of landscape maintenance
  • Licensed weed control applicators trained by Arizona State Dept. of Agriculture

We’re Documented And Verified

  • Strict worker identification requirements
  • Participates in E-Verify employment eligibility program
  • First landscape management company to qualify for US Government IMAGE worker ID program
  • Employment eligibility verification policy available upon request

Tell Us About Your Community

With more than 25 years of caring for the common areas of Arizona’s villages, towns, and cities, we know your municipality is unique. Talk with us about your needs and we can offer suggestions on how to make the most of your budget. From properly maintained roadway medians to turnkey care of sports fields and parks, we’ll show you the difference CareScape can make.

We care. It’s our nature.®

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